Our ambition is to let others ideas grow and thus improve the future

The VISAM Arena Mission 

In the longer term, we hope to improve the prerequisites for companies to achieve increased growth, profitability and employment, while also taking advantage of developments within research. The result will be new or improved goods and services for the healthcare sector which in turn will lead to increased efficiency and public welfare. We all turn at one point or another to health and social care services. VISAM Arena hopes to contribute to greater accessibility, more influence, and higher quality and safety.

The ideas portal is aimed at:

  • Private individuals
  • Companies with up to 250 employees who want to develop new ideas, gain access to new goods and services and reach new markets within health and social care.
  • Companies who can provide expert advice in development processes and evaluate ideas within a specific field.
  • Graduate students and researchers who want to commercialise and implement their research findings, gain new proposals for their field of research or contribute their expert knowledge.
  • People who work within health and social care.
  • Patients, relatives, community members or others who have an idea that could make a difference within health and social care.

Why contribute your idea?

The welfare sector is faced with significant challenges that require better solutions. The purpose of VISAM Arena is to allow more people to contribute new ideas for a more effective and beneficial health and social care sector. 

We also want to contribute to the development of small and medium-sized companies by giving them increased development opportunities and renewed prospects in Swedish business and industry. The goal is for more innovative ideas to be commercialised and attain success, for more viable companies to get started, and for companies to become more competitive.

Contribute with your idea!

You own the right to your idea and it will always be treated under confidentiality. That is, your idea is protected in our idea portal.