Terms of use

Terms of Use

In order for your idea or project description to be processed in our project system, you must accept the terms of use below before sending in your document. Note the difference between open and hidden ideas. An open idea is visible to everyone who has access to the system and can be used freely. You can request that your idea shall be hidden and processed in accordance with the confidentiality provisions below. All ideas are treated as hidden until the originator of the idea has approved it for publication.  You agree that the personal data you provide can be processed in the digital systems of the VISAM Arena project and of Almi Företagspartner. The data will be used for our administration and to facilitate contact between you/your company and us. We do not divulge any personal information.  

Confidentiality regarding hidden ideas

Absolute confidentiality applies to hidden ideas on this website in accordance with applicable legislation (SFS 1994:77) and ideas may not be divulged to third parties.  

Restrictions on the use of the website

All materials are reviewed before publication. If the material does not comply with these terms, and with applicable laws and regulations and with established practice, it will be rejected. The service may not be used: 

i) in a way that may harm or interfere with the usage of another user; 

ii) in a way that harms, interrupts or leads to a less efficient Service; 

iii) for an illegal purpose 

vi) in a way that may be defamatory, obscene, racist, ethnically offensive, vulgar, pornographic or otherwise intended to create irritation or discomfort; 

v) for the transfer or uploading of viruses or other potentially harmful data files, programs or information; 

vi) as a way to harass, stalk, threaten, discriminate, exploit or otherwise offend others or to share, collect, store, display or otherwise violate the personal data of others or interfere with another person’s personal integrity; 

vii) in a manner that constitutes a violation or infringement of the rights of another person or company, such as copyright or intellectual property rights; 

viii) for commercial purposes, such as through marketing, advertising, publicity, campaigns or through offering various goods or services; 

ix) to create a false identity in order to mislead others as to the user’s identity or the origin of the message; or 

x) to upload, transfer or otherwise disseminate addressed or unauthorised advertising, campaign materials, spam, chain mails or other unsolicited communications.) 

Copyrights and trademarks

The publication, reproduction, transfer or storage of the content of the website either in full or in part without the prior consent of the rights holder is not permitted. The contents of the website may be quoted to the extent that it is permitted pursuant to applicable copyright legislation. When quoting, the source must be clearly stated. Trademarks and logos which appear on the website may, however, not be reproduced, published or distributed without the written consent of the rights holder.

Participants in chats, debates and similar on the website may only upload materials for which they own the copyright, or for which they are entitled to upload in this manner.  The system is owned by Media AB. The system owner is committed by confidentiality to not disclose or utilise any data (personal, financial, commercial, etc.) that the system owner may become aware of.