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Recaremed AB

Through their Recarebox service, Recaremed AB facilitates the management of pharmaceutical waste both in the home and at the workplace. Recaremed AB works continuously with risk analyses to further improve safety in the management of pharmaceutical waste. Today, they offer products and services which prevent the theft of theft-prone pharmaceuticals from workplaces, and which are easily accessible during delivery to and collection from customers. Recaremed AB also contributes to reducing environmental impact by using co-transportation and a waste volume that has been reduced by up to 40%.

Recaremed AB was founded in 2013 by Dag Malgeryd, who also owns the company today. Dag has previously worked with environmental and sustainability issues at Apoteket AB for more than ten years. He founded Recaremed AB with support from Almi and a previous project within health and social care, P.U.M.A Innovation.  

  “In the beginning, you have your business plan and your budget and everything feels great, but when it comes to hopefully pulling it all off, it is important to be ready. At this point it is helpful to have a structure, order and procedures in place,” says Dag Malgeryd.

Recaremed AB


AlkoSmart is the new app for those who want to keep track of their health and alcohol consumption. Smart is an acronym in Swedish which stands for Sleep, Diet, Ambition, Relationships and Exercise. The app was developed by Torbjörn Bergland, a social worker from Jönköping who wanted to find a way to pass on the knowledge he had acquired during 30 years in the sector.

  “I wanted to develop a tool that would inspire lifestyle changes and the purpose of the smart app is to provide a tool to address imbalance, poor well-being and excessive alcohol consumption.”

The idea for the app was born around the kitchen table, and it is Torbjörn himself who has developed its contents. To design the actual app he got help from two entrepreneurs from university and an illustrator.

  “Don’t give up, believe in your idea and get help for the things you can’t do yourself,” says Torbjörn Bergland.

AlkoSmart-alkotest-1 (1).jpg

Winst Iron

Winst Iron is a concentrated iron supplement with the flavour of oranges. The tablet is placed under the tongue and dissolves in the mouth/pharynx over the course of a few minutes, so most of it does not need to pass through the stomach. This leads to increased bioavailabilty and quicker absorption from the mouth, throat and pharynx. Iron together with vitamin C and folic acid helps the body to absorb iron more efficiently.

Innovative Health & Consulting was started in February 2015 by molecular biologist Sofia Friberg. In October 2015, the sole proprietorship became a limited company, Innovative Health Sweden AB, with support from Almi and from P.U.M.A. Innovation, which was a precursor to VISAM Arena. Hans Franzén is a 25% joint owner in the company. The product will be launched in Dubai in October 2017.


Smart Cover

Women and men of all ages sometimes need to undergo different types of intimate examination. As a result of multicultural society, the need for integrity has increased. Nobody wants to feel vulnerable, insecure or naked. Moreover, Swedish studies have shown that almost 20% of gynecology patients have felt violated at one time or another within healthcare.

Smart Cover is the smart trousers with perforations that can be easily torn for the desired opening for the intended examination.. They are flexible, environmentally friendly and available in several sizes. They can be used at health centres, within women’s health and occupational health, youth clinics, at hospitals and at private medical facilities, etc.

Smart Cover has been developed by Britt-Marie Fredriksson and Kristina Samuelsson, who are both assistant nurses at the Vråens Vårdcentral Bra Liv health centre in Värnamo.

The product is sold by Wing Plast AB in the locality of Smålandsstenar, a leading company in the field of disposable instruments for Gynecology and Surgery. The products are sold in many parts of the world and contribute to improved healthcare conditions for both care providers and patients. Smart Cover was developed with support from Almi and from P.U.M.A Innovation, which was a precursor to VISAM Arena.

Measure the dangerous type of fat


The measuring instrument BK-mätaren was made in 2008 by two assisting nurses, Kristina Borg and Britt-Marie Fredriksson. They had both noticed that other nurses used a ruler and a air level to measure the height of patients stomach. Although the two assisting nurses only live 30 kilometers from eachother, they didn’t first meet until they got matched together by Almi when they came up with the same idea.

Together they created BK-mätaren, a measuring tool to measure the height of peoples stomach. Since the patient is lying down during the measuring, a more precise rate is shown because you now measure the dangerous type of fat.

AJ Medical is the company that sell the product. Britt-Marie and Kristina has now improved the tool with a new design and they have recently also started a limited company.

- It has been really good to be two. Sometimes you get tired and lose interest, but then your partner gives you strength which helps you to move forward, says Britt-Marie.


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