It all beginns with an idea!

Here at Visam Arenas website the ideas are gathered, reviewed and evaluated before developing into services and products for better healthcare.


The VISAM Arena Mission

You have probably thought to yourself many times things like “that could have been done better” or “why hasn’t anybody thought about this?” Contribute with your ideas and suggestions for improvements on our ideas portal! There, we collect ideas, needs, problems and solutions. We evaluate selected ideas that have the potential and sustainability to address future challenges and user needs within health and social care. We are doing this in collaboration with companies, researchers and health and social care providers in the region of Jönköping.

Händer med idéer
Caption: Hands with ideas.

Contribute with your idea!

You own the right to your idea and it will always be treated under confidentiality. That is, your idea is protected in our idea portal.